Your Best “Mom” Tips & Tricks: Share for a gift card!

What’s your best Mom tips, tricks, or advice?  We’ve got mom’s with kids of all ages, so share your favorite tip.  All the answers given (which must appear below in the form section of this post) will be entered into a drawing for a gift card which will be presented to the winner at our next MOPS meeting (Nov 21st).  All the tips & tricks will be compiled & posted to share with the entire group.

Here’s an example, my favorite app to keep track of everything “kid” related is Baby Connect.  It allows you to track their height, weight, last feeding, sleep, medications, temperature, teeth, milestones, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING kid related…all from your smart phone or computer.  Nursing?  It allows you to put in feedings (even keeps track of which side you last nursed on).  Here’s a few screen shots (you can even have multiple kids in the one app!):


So what’s your best advice, tip, trick, suggestion for our moms?  Comment here:


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