Meet a MOPS Mom: Anne Blackburn

This is Anne Blackburn’s second year in MOPS at MQP.  Anne grew up in Raleigh, NC, where she enjoyed riding horses, playing soccer and spending time with friends at the beach. She also enjoyed watching UNC basketball with her family and friends, so she went to the University of North Carolina for undergrad and for pharmacy school, and  enjoyed watching UNC basketball there too! (editor’s note: Anne is a crazy UNC basketball fan!!  Beware during March Maddness!)
After pharmacy school she decided to go somewhere far away and different for her one year of pharmacy residency. She interviewed at the UW on a sunny, mild day in February and fell in love with Seattle and the UW. Little did she know she would never see another day like that again in Seattle during the winter! That one year away from NC has now turned into 15 years! After working at the oncology clinic at UW/Seattle Cancer Care Alliance for a few years, she went to work in cancer research/product development for a pharmaceutical/biotech company for 10 years.
She met my husband, Bill, through work as he worked at Harborview while she was working at UW. Somehow they made our relationship work, despite the fact he is a skier and she is a snowboarder. He has also agreed to cheer for UNC in basketball, unless they are playing WSU. Then he just has to be quiet during the game. They loved to travel (before kids) and go skiing/snowboarding (before kids) and watch the Sounders (they still manage that, somehow). They just celebrated their 10 year anniversary (probably because Bill cheers for UNC).
They have been blessed with three wonderful children. Ryan is 2 years old and looks just like his dad and acts just like his mom. He loves all airplanes, trains and race cars on the planet. Kate and Hunter are 10 month old twins, who like just about anything that Ryan says or does. Hunter is the little Houdini and gets into and out of everything. Kate is their sweet little girl who wraps all the men in the house around her little finger. Their house is full of a lovely sort of chaos!
everyone except Ryan...
everyone except Ryan…

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