Sammi Awards

Sammi Awards

Last year, one of our very own MOPS mom’s won a Sammi Award…and there may be another Sammamish Award winner amongst us.  If you’d like to volunteer someone (not just a MOPS Mom…could be any Sammamish community member!), here’s how to nominate them.

From the Sammamish City website:

Do you know a VOLUNTEER who gives unselfishly to the Sammamish community? Please help share their story by nominating them for a SAMMI Award! Our annual SAMMI Awards celebration is scheduled for March 15. Please have your nominations in by the Dec. 1 deadline! You can nominate online at

Please do your part to boost community spirit by nominating someone who gives of their time and talent, and inspires others to continue the circle of service!


One thought on “Sammi Awards

  1. I’m trying to convince Jill Loveland that I’d like to nominate her for an award….I think she’s deserving of the community service award!

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