Last MOPS of 2013/14!

Come for a social hour & hang out on the last MOPS of this year!  Before the year ends a few reminders:

  • Meal Schedules are all posted on the Members Tab (it is password protected).  If you’ve forgotten that password, please ask your table leader!  There is a new meal schedule on their which will occur over the summer!
  • The Park Play dates will be starting in June.  The schedule for the park play dates is on the calendar tab
  • This will likely be my last post on the website!  If you need website help, additions, etc. contact Danielle or Emily 🙂
Last MOPS!
Last MOPS!

Buffet Help Needed

Thank you to those that have already volunteered to bring items in for our last MOPS.  So far we’ve got:

Abbey Kraetsch – main dish
Iris – quiche (main dish)

Danielle Fernandez – muffins
Hilary Marshall – croissants

Claire Laverde – clementine oranges
Yun – fruit

We’re still in need of at least 2 more main dishes.  If you can assist on this front, please contact Rebecca Krum (click her name) to let her know!

Meeting Recap: Speaker Margit Crane

This past week’s meeting featured Family Coach Margit Crane’s presentation on “Adolescence Begins at Birth: 3 Habits to Put in Place Now to Save You Grief Later”.  She gave us some great tips for raising our children, and things to think about in the future as our children grow older and wiser!

More information can be found on her websites at or

Below are her parenting principles from her website:

The Good-Enough Parenting Manifesto

  1. Good-enough parents can act with courage, even if they’re not feeling courageous.
  2. Good-enough parents don’t lecture, yell, nag or act smug … much. Good-enough parents don’t withhold love.
  3. Good-enough parents live in the present.
  4. Good-enough parents work really, really, really hard to not take things personally.
  5. Good-enough parents have house rules and everyone in the family understands these expectations.
  6. Good-enough parents take time for recreation, hobbies, and their own friendships.
  7. Good-enough parents get guidance and support when they’re struggling with a challenge.

Attached is the presentation she shared with us:  MargitCrane_Presentation


MOPS Fashion Show!

Today was a great MOPS day!  Special thanks goes out to Paula & Rebecca for all their hard work coordinating vendors, models, etc. on the day.

In case you missed it, or just need to relive the magic of Iris’ throw-back shirt from last year’s MOPS Fashion Show, here you go:

And a few fashion shots from the day:

From Today’s Meeting

If you missed our meeting, or just needed a reminder… you need to send 6 photos (4 x 6) to Marisa Sapienza or Stephanie Sizemore (see the MEMBER tab & go to DIRECTORY for their email addresses) by November 28th for our craft on December 19th.

I had several requests on how to make the star crayons…it’s really easy.  Just unwrap your broken crayons, put in a silicone mold (I used a star mold that I purchased from Amazon), bake at 300 degrees until melted (about 5 minutes), then allow the crayons to cool completely inside the mold, & pop them out.  I like to do multi-colored stars (and it simplifies attempting to make an all-yellow crayon…and sometimes I’m simply just lazy!).

multi-colored star crayons

Updated Calendar & Documents

We have a tendency to throw a lot of information at you all at the beginning of a meeting…we don’t mean to overwhelm anyone! It can be hard to keep all the details, dates, etc. but they are all here for you on the website.😃

First, the calendar is up to date (including the Marionwood Outreach). There’s detailed info about the event & the address of the senior home on the calendar tab.

We’ll be adding the documents Sandy mentioned at this morning’s meeting to the member section soon. The online directory is already on there & is updated with each new change, so the most current version is always there. If you were present today you got the password for that page. If you were absent (or forgot it), please email your table leader for it & she can get it to you.


Also, Abbey put up the sign up sheets today for the interest groups. If you are interested in joining an interest group and were absent or didn’t have a chance to sign up, please email Abbey at with which group(s) you’d like to be a part of.

Interest Groups:

– Drinks/Movies🎥
– Coffee☕️
– Bunco🎲
– Crafts✂️
– Wine/Foodie🍷
– Rosary/spiritual ⛪️
– Walking🚶
– Saturday night potluck family dinners👪🍲

Favorite Things

Abbey & Sandy wanted to be sure you had this information.  From the first MOPS meeting of the year, here are the “Favorite Things” from your Steering Team:

Denise Buonerba – gluten free cake mix
Monica Condino – Theo chocolate
Mary Fossa – “ove glove”
Alyson Francis –  mascara
Iris Gillespie – Starbucks and skinny girl Margarita
Karen Hauser – Starbucks
Tammy Healey – coconut cookies from Trader Joe’s
Mary Jones – African violet
Abbey Kraetsch – insulated snack bag
Rebecca Krum – cleaning supply
Karen Lisook – nesting bowls
Amy Myhre – toilet cleaning Stone and champagne
Rachel Reno – aquaphor
Sandy Rossetti – tomato salsa and hummus from Trader Joe’s
Kathi Rowley – soup container
Marisa Sapienza – lip gloss/chapstick and coconut oil
Stephanie Sizemore – body wash, luffa and organizer container

Pink Shirts for 1st Meeting!

If you’re a returning MOPS Mom, please wear your pink MOPS shirt to that first meeting.  This will help our new moms recognize where to go with MOPPET kiddos, and to our room (which remember is in a new place this year!).  Our meetings are now held in C103 or the John XXIII room in the center (across from where our former room was).  See you on September 12th at 9:30am!