Meet a MOPS Mom: Anne Blackburn

This is Anne Blackburn’s second year in MOPS at MQP.  Anne grew up in Raleigh, NC, where she enjoyed riding horses, playing soccer and spending time with friends at the beach. She also enjoyed watching UNC basketball with her family and friends, so she went to the University of North Carolina for undergrad and for pharmacy school, and  enjoyed watching UNC basketball there too! (editor’s note: Anne is a crazy UNC basketball fan!!  Beware during March Maddness!)
After pharmacy school she decided to go somewhere far away and different for her one year of pharmacy residency. She interviewed at the UW on a sunny, mild day in February and fell in love with Seattle and the UW. Little did she know she would never see another day like that again in Seattle during the winter! That one year away from NC has now turned into 15 years! After working at the oncology clinic at UW/Seattle Cancer Care Alliance for a few years, she went to work in cancer research/product development for a pharmaceutical/biotech company for 10 years.
She met my husband, Bill, through work as he worked at Harborview while she was working at UW. Somehow they made our relationship work, despite the fact he is a skier and she is a snowboarder. He has also agreed to cheer for UNC in basketball, unless they are playing WSU. Then he just has to be quiet during the game. They loved to travel (before kids) and go skiing/snowboarding (before kids) and watch the Sounders (they still manage that, somehow). They just celebrated their 10 year anniversary (probably because Bill cheers for UNC).
They have been blessed with three wonderful children. Ryan is 2 years old and looks just like his dad and acts just like his mom. He loves all airplanes, trains and race cars on the planet. Kate and Hunter are 10 month old twins, who like just about anything that Ryan says or does. Hunter is the little Houdini and gets into and out of everything. Kate is their sweet little girl who wraps all the men in the house around her little finger. Their house is full of a lovely sort of chaos!
everyone except Ryan...
everyone except Ryan…

Meet a MOPS Mom: Libby Clark

Libby is a new MOPS Mom this year!  She is from Los Alamitos California.  She loved growing up in the California sunshine, even though she was always very pale!  She spent a lot of our summers at Catalina island, swimming, climbing, and enjoying bonfires, and she grew up loving dance and did so for 11 years.

She went to Texas Christian University for undergraduate in Fort Worth, Texas.  She met her wonderful husband Jon (who is from Little Rock Arkansas) there.  After graduation they both moved to Pittsburgh for graduate school.  She received a masters in social work and started work as a family therapist, and then became an intensive case manager working with clients with mental illness and facing criminal charges.  While in Pittsburgh she enjoyed camping, hiking, and hanging out with friends.
Libby moved to Washington in February when her husband accepted a job at Microsoft.   They moved to Sammamish in May & soon thereafter welcomed their first child in June, Paige Whitley Clark.
Welcome to Sammamish & welcome to MOPS Libby!
MOPS Mom Libby Clark
MOPS Mom Libby Clark (holding Paige!)

Get to Know Your MOPS Mom: Denisse Lunoff

Denisse is in her second year of MOPS with us at MQP after moving to Sammamish a few years ago.  She serves as one of the MOPPET steering leaders.  She was born and raised in Houston, Texas and is the youngest of two.  Denisse’s parents are both from Mexico and moved to the US 36 years ago.

She went to school at the University of Texas at San Antonio, and obtained a degree in Communications.  After college & before beginning a new chapter in her life as stay-at-home mom, Denisse worked in sales for the US Army.

She met her now husband, Andrew (Drew) her freshman year of college while he was stationed at Ft. Hood Army base.  Drew’s sister worked with Denisse & she wanted to play match maker!  She’d been telling Denisse that she wanted them to meet since Denisse was 16… When they finally did meet, they had a long distance relationship for 2.5 years & were finally married in November of 2002.  She’s now been an Army wife for 15 years & has been to Ft. Lewis, WA (2002-2006), Huntsville, AL (4 months), Picatinny Arsenal, NJ (2006-2010), Ft. Worth, TX (2010-2011), Huntsville, AL (4 months), and back to Washington.  They now have two beautiful girls ages 5.5 (Olivia) and 2.5 (Emma).  Olivia just began kindergarten this year and Emma just started preschool.

For fun, Denisse loves to travel, hit the beach, workout & spend time with her family.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 3.18.25 PM

Get to Know Your MOPS Mom: Sandy Rossetti

Meet Sandy Rossetti, co-chair for MQP MOPS. She is the mother of 3-year old boy/girl twins, David & Miranda and is currently enjoying some time to herself since this is the first year the twins are in preschool (yay for preschool🎉!).

She was born in Michigan, moved to Ohio when she was 12, and Sandy is the 3rd of 4 girls in her family. She went to college at Washington University in St. Louis and before she became an “underpaid domestic engineer”, she worked for EDS, a technology service company.

Sandy’s other half is Brad and he reigns from Australia and works for Microsoft. They met 18 years ago when Brad traveled to the U.S. for a conference with her EDS group. He joined some co-workers and Sandy for an evening out, and after spending the evening talking to him she called her mom and told her “I met the man I am going to marry”. October 30 will be their 14th wedding anniversary!

Sandy has a passion for reading, researching anything and everything and serving others. She loves laughing, watching her son do puzzles, listening to her daughter shriek with joy when Brad gets home from work, and napping whenever she gets the chance.

She hates cilantro, mustard, and coffee (What?!? That’s unthinkable in the land if Starbucks! No wonder she needs to nap😉). She is “terrible at organizing (her) house”, and wishes she were better at it. Sandy looks forward to making new friends during this MOPS year & chairing MOPS!


Get to Know Your MOPS Mom: Abbey Kraetsch

Most of you know Abbey, but for those that do not…or don’t know her in depth; meet your MOPS Mom & co-chair of MOPS for 2013-14, Abbey Kraetsch.

Abbey is involved in so much more than just MOPS.  Abbey is stepping down as the TOTS group chair where she’s been leading that ministry at MQP for the last 3+ years. If you don’t know what TOTS is, it’s a play group that meets either at the nursery at MQP on Mondays at 9:30am, or at a local park.

In her “spare” time, Abbey is the Parent Coordinator for the Pine Lake Co-Op Preschool where her daughter Kylie (age 4) attends. She’s also the Play Group Coordinator for the MOMS Club of the Sammamish Plateau. Abbey is also involved with the MOPS Book Club & one other book club (someone, please tell me when she has time to read?!?). For MQP, she is on her 2nd year as co-chair & she’s also a part of the Hospitality Team.

With all that free time that her schedule clearly has, she also manages to be an avid Seahawks fan & is a season ticket holder. She also crawls out of bed at 0 dark thirty to workout most mornings, 5am is the only time I guess she can find to row or do boot camp!  She also loves to cook for her family, which includes Payton (age 2) & of course her husband Matt who works for T-Mobile.

MOPS Mom since 2010
Abbey – MOPS Mom since 2010

Get to know your MOPS Moms: Rebecca Krum

How well do you  know all of your MOPS Moms?  I mean…we chat in meetings, and at our tables.  But sometimes, it takes some one-on-one time to really get to know a MOPS Mom!  That’s why we’re getting to know Rebecca & what she does on a deeper level here.  How many of you knew that Rebecca & her husband Kyle are taking over a camp that the American Cancer Society ran?  Yep, they are going to run The Good Times Project over on Vashon Island going forward.

For over 30 years, Camp Goodtimes has been a sleepaway camp for kids ages 7-17 who have cancer. It’s a week of their summer where they travel out to Vashon with a group of volunteer counselors, nurses, and doctors, and their lives don’t revolve around checkups and needles.

But Camp Goodtimes has fallen on some hard times.  Earlier this year, the American Cancer Society, which has provided funding and administrative services for the camp and 39 others like it nationwide, quietly announced they will discontinue its support for the camps. Enter Kyle & Rebecca Krum.

After the ACS pulled their funding from it, Kyle, who’s been working at the camp since 2005, decided he & Rebecca needed to step up to the task.  So not only does Kyle work full time for Microsoft, and Rebecca who works at Evergreen Hospital (in addition to being a great SAHM), they are taking on staffing, fundraising, and everything else that goes along with running a 501(c)(3)  summer camp for kids with cancer!

Rebecca & Kyle are eagerly awaiting their 501 (c)(3) status on a Federal level, but do have it for the State of WA.  If you are interested in donating, they do have an in-kind donations page with lots of needs on it!  Here’s a little more about the camp:

The Goodtimes Project exists to offer Western Washington and Alaska families affected by childhood cancer a cost-free week of summer camp, which:

  • Affirms the joys of childhood (often missed by those in treatment)
  • Fosters friendships between these children and families
  • Instills confidence in these children through a host of programs and activities
  • Cares for their medical safety
  • Cares for their social safety
  • Strives to send them back into the world as more independent, confident, caring and capable people.
  • Offers parents peace of mind as they entrust their children to camp for a week (and take a well-deserved break!)

Way to go Rebecca & Kyle!  You guys are local cancer kids’ heroes!!

Rebecca Krum – MOPS Mom since 2012