Last MOPS of 2013/14!

Come for a social hour & hang out on the last MOPS of this year!  Before the year ends a few reminders:

  • Meal Schedules are all posted on the Members Tab (it is password protected).  If you’ve forgotten that password, please ask your table leader!  There is a new meal schedule on their which will occur over the summer!
  • The Park Play dates will be starting in June.  The schedule for the park play dates is on the calendar tab
  • This will likely be my last post on the website!  If you need website help, additions, etc. contact Danielle or Emily 🙂
Last MOPS!
Last MOPS!

Meals for our Moms

Most of you know that we provide meals for our MOPS Mom’s that are in need (ie. sickness, family issue, new baby).  If you are ever in need of help, please don’t hesitate to contact your table leader to let them know or contact Amy Myhre & we’ll get a meal schedule set up for you.  Your MOPS Moms are here to help you when you need us!

If you have the ability & time to do so, we currently have 2 mom’s that have meal schedules that have spaces available.  Our meal schedules live on the member tab, but here’s a shortcut:  You can always reference back to this link to in case you forget the address of the person (or what date you picked!).  This page is password protected, so if you forgot it…contact your table leader.

Meals for our MOMS
Meals for our MOMS


Getting buried in emails with all the MOPS activities? Fear not, they are all on our calendar! Just visit the calendar page by clicking the calendar tab above, or visit it here:

We keep all evites on there, and all the events in one easy to reference spot. Don’t forget the meal schedules are also easily accessed from the meal schedule tab too!

Meal Schedules over the Summer

Our MOPS group has a couple of Mom’s that will deliver over the summer, so to be sure they are not forgotten their meal schedules will be on our meal schedules page.  The page is there so you don’t have to hunt through emails attempting to find the schedule (and then their address!) when it comes time to bring them a meal.  Currently, we have one schedule thus far from mid-July to mid-August on the page for sign ups.

Meals for our MOMS
Meals for our MOMS

Meal Schedules – We need help!

We have plenty of open spots for the 2 meal schedules that will begin in January.  Even if you haven’t met either of these mom’s…karma, ladies, karma!!  Anne B. is having TWINS any day now…and could really use some meals and Katie H. is adding a second to her household.  Bringing a meal by for a mom is a great way to meet her (and hey – you get to be one of the first to check out the new baby (or babies!).  If you can help, please see the tab above, or click this link to help out on meals: