Living Your Strengths Class

Living Your Strengths

Have you ever wondered about your life’s purpose? Do you want to explore the potential for your life that lies in the uniqueness of God’s gifts to you, and how you can recognize the unique strengths of others?


The Living Your Strengths Journey is a four-week, group study that seeks to help you find answers to those questions. It begins with the Clifton StrengthsFinder, an on-line questionnaire that reveals your top five signature talents. On the journey, you join fellow parishioners & MOPS mom’s to explore your unique God-given talents, recognize those same talents in others and learn how to apply this knowledge in your parish, personal and professional lives.

The purpose of Living Your Strengths is to take steps toward the discovery and fulfillment of a calling. It will teach you that to discover your calling, you simply need to listen to the talents God gave you—the ways in which, you, as a unique individual, naturally think, feel and behave. The journey will show you that to fulfill your calling, you simply need to follow and build upon your greatest talents to develop strengths. In its essence, the fulfillment of God’s calling for you means making the most of the nature he gave you.

Many of our MOPS mom’s have already done the class, so if you have questions please contact either Abbey or Sandy (both have done the class – click their names to email them).  If you’d like to sign up to do it, contact Kathi Rowley (click her name to email her).  Kathi is currently taking suggestions for meeting days/times.  The class runs for four weeks for 1 hour & 45 minute sessions each meeting.

Living Your Strengths

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