Meeting Recap: Speaker Margit Crane

This past week’s meeting featured Family Coach Margit Crane’s presentation on “Adolescence Begins at Birth: 3 Habits to Put in Place Now to Save You Grief Later”.  She gave us some great tips for raising our children, and things to think about in the future as our children grow older and wiser!

More information can be found on her websites at or

Below are her parenting principles from her website:

The Good-Enough Parenting Manifesto

  1. Good-enough parents can act with courage, even if they’re not feeling courageous.
  2. Good-enough parents don’t lecture, yell, nag or act smug … much. Good-enough parents don’t withhold love.
  3. Good-enough parents live in the present.
  4. Good-enough parents work really, really, really hard to not take things personally.
  5. Good-enough parents have house rules and everyone in the family understands these expectations.
  6. Good-enough parents take time for recreation, hobbies, and their own friendships.
  7. Good-enough parents get guidance and support when they’re struggling with a challenge.

Attached is the presentation she shared with us:  MargitCrane_Presentation



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