Afghanistan Thank You Note

Dec 21 at 4:55am

Before deploying Soldiers leaves, the first thing on our mind is not the possible dangers we may face, but the family we are leaving behind. Being in a community completely away from a military support system definitely worried me, but I would have to say, the support this group has provided our family has been above and beyond. First of all, thank you so much for that.

That support continued with the generous care packages,which all came at different times (gotta love the Army mail system), received over the past several days. I passed the contents of the package out to all of the folks I work with and they were very appreciative! Many believe that I now receive the best packages and the goodies made some gather around as I opened each one. Every single piece of the packages is being put to good use by the Soldiers, Airmen and civilians here on our compound.

Thank you so much for the wonderful showing of support for our Warfighters here in Afghanistan. It is through your thoughts, prayers and actions that we continue to proudly serve this amazing country of ours. Know that the support provided by this wonderful group overwhelms us here and helps make our time away a little easier.

Again, thanks for the amazing support to our family. I am comforted knowing how quickly this group rallied around my girls back home. I look forward to being home with my family and the time when I can thank each person one by one.

Have a joyous Holiday Season!


Drew Lunoff


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