From Today’s Meeting

If you missed our meeting, or just needed a reminder… you need to send 6 photos (4 x 6) to Marisa Sapienza or Stephanie Sizemore (see the MEMBER tab & go to DIRECTORY for their email addresses) by November 28th for our craft on December 19th.

I had several requests on how to make the star crayons…it’s really easy.  Just unwrap your broken crayons, put in a silicone mold (I used a star mold that I purchased from Amazon), bake at 300 degrees until melted (about 5 minutes), then allow the crayons to cool completely inside the mold, & pop them out.  I like to do multi-colored stars (and it simplifies attempting to make an all-yellow crayon…and sometimes I’m simply just lazy!).

multi-colored star crayons

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