Favorite Things

Abbey & Sandy wanted to be sure you had this information.  From the first MOPS meeting of the year, here are the “Favorite Things” from your Steering Team:

Denise Buonerba – gluten free cake mix
Monica Condino – Theo chocolate
Mary Fossa – “ove glove”
Alyson Francis –  mascara
Iris Gillespie – Starbucks and skinny girl Margarita
Karen Hauser – Starbucks
Tammy Healey – coconut cookies from Trader Joe’s
Mary Jones – African violet
Abbey Kraetsch – insulated snack bag
Rebecca Krum – cleaning supply
Karen Lisook – nesting bowls
Amy Myhre – toilet cleaning Stone and champagne
Rachel Reno – aquaphor
Sandy Rossetti – tomato salsa and hummus from Trader Joe’s
Kathi Rowley – soup container
Marisa Sapienza – lip gloss/chapstick and coconut oil
Stephanie Sizemore – body wash, luffa and organizer container


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