Get to Know Your MOPS Mom: Sandy Rossetti

Meet Sandy Rossetti, co-chair for MQP MOPS. She is the mother of 3-year old boy/girl twins, David & Miranda and is currently enjoying some time to herself since this is the first year the twins are in preschool (yay for preschool🎉!).

She was born in Michigan, moved to Ohio when she was 12, and Sandy is the 3rd of 4 girls in her family. She went to college at Washington University in St. Louis and before she became an “underpaid domestic engineer”, she worked for EDS, a technology service company.

Sandy’s other half is Brad and he reigns from Australia and works for Microsoft. They met 18 years ago when Brad traveled to the U.S. for a conference with her EDS group. He joined some co-workers and Sandy for an evening out, and after spending the evening talking to him she called her mom and told her “I met the man I am going to marry”. October 30 will be their 14th wedding anniversary!

Sandy has a passion for reading, researching anything and everything and serving others. She loves laughing, watching her son do puzzles, listening to her daughter shriek with joy when Brad gets home from work, and napping whenever she gets the chance.

She hates cilantro, mustard, and coffee (What?!? That’s unthinkable in the land if Starbucks! No wonder she needs to nap😉). She is “terrible at organizing (her) house”, and wishes she were better at it. Sandy looks forward to making new friends during this MOPS year & chairing MOPS!



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