Get to know your MOPS Moms: Rebecca Krum

How well do you  know all of your MOPS Moms?  I mean…we chat in meetings, and at our tables.  But sometimes, it takes some one-on-one time to really get to know a MOPS Mom!  That’s why we’re getting to know Rebecca & what she does on a deeper level here.  How many of you knew that Rebecca & her husband Kyle are taking over a camp that the American Cancer Society ran?  Yep, they are going to run The Good Times Project over on Vashon Island going forward.

For over 30 years, Camp Goodtimes has been a sleepaway camp for kids ages 7-17 who have cancer. It’s a week of their summer where they travel out to Vashon with a group of volunteer counselors, nurses, and doctors, and their lives don’t revolve around checkups and needles.

But Camp Goodtimes has fallen on some hard times.  Earlier this year, the American Cancer Society, which has provided funding and administrative services for the camp and 39 others like it nationwide, quietly announced they will discontinue its support for the camps. Enter Kyle & Rebecca Krum.

After the ACS pulled their funding from it, Kyle, who’s been working at the camp since 2005, decided he & Rebecca needed to step up to the task.  So not only does Kyle work full time for Microsoft, and Rebecca who works at Evergreen Hospital (in addition to being a great SAHM), they are taking on staffing, fundraising, and everything else that goes along with running a 501(c)(3)  summer camp for kids with cancer!

Rebecca & Kyle are eagerly awaiting their 501 (c)(3) status on a Federal level, but do have it for the State of WA.  If you are interested in donating, they do have an in-kind donations page with lots of needs on it!  Here’s a little more about the camp:

The Goodtimes Project exists to offer Western Washington and Alaska families affected by childhood cancer a cost-free week of summer camp, which:

  • Affirms the joys of childhood (often missed by those in treatment)
  • Fosters friendships between these children and families
  • Instills confidence in these children through a host of programs and activities
  • Cares for their medical safety
  • Cares for their social safety
  • Strives to send them back into the world as more independent, confident, caring and capable people.
  • Offers parents peace of mind as they entrust their children to camp for a week (and take a well-deserved break!)

Way to go Rebecca & Kyle!  You guys are local cancer kids’ heroes!!

Rebecca Krum – MOPS Mom since 2012

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