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For those driving a minivan…we’ve got nothing against them. This is just an article for informative purposes πŸ˜ƒ

Top 10 Vehicles for Moms Who Hate Minivans (Not that we hate minivans here at MQP!)🚘
Adapted article, originally by Warren Clarke, Automotive Content Editor at

Minivans are popular with moms, and for very good reason. It’s hard to beat these versatile haulers if you’re looking for spacious, family-friendly transportation.

But there’s also a very vocal contingent of moms out there who are most definitely not on the minivan bandwagon. “Too generically suburban,” they groan.

These women would rather get behind the wheel of a vehicle that goes about its family-friendly work in a way that’s perhaps less obvious. For them, it’s important that their choice of vehicle reflect their personality, in addition to handling all the chores that come with parenting.

If this sounds like you (or someone you love), you’re in luck. In honor of the start of the MOPS year, here are 10 vehicles, listed in alphabetical order, geared toward 10 very different types of moms. And there’s not a single minivan in the bunch…not that there’s anything wrong with minvans😊

1. BMW X3
With the BMW X3, driving-enthusiast moms get a compact crossover that boasts a truly sporting experience while offering enough spaciousness and all the amenities needed to accommodate offspring. Its handling is crisp and its reflexes are sharp, making it a delight on the road. And the X3’s handsome, well-appointed cabin is a pleasure to experience, with rear legroom that’s among the most generous in the segment.

2. Ford Escape
Ford’s Escape is the Type-A overachiever of the compact crossover segment. While rivals like the Honda CR-V offer just one engine, the Escape allows buyers to choose from several engines. Also on tap are two attributes valued in suburbia and beyond: strong fuel efficiency and a wide complement of tech features. It’s the perfect choice for the hard-working mom who’s constantly multitasking.

3. Ford Flex
The Flex’s distinctively boxy profile has an alternative bent that may make it appealing to hipster moms who still like to rock out to Alt Nation on Sirius/XM. It’s got more than just striking sheet metal in its favor, though. Its roomy cabin seats up to seven passengers in comfort, and its lengthy list of optional features includes an automated parking system that offers guidance in parallel-parking situations.

4. GMC Acadia
Whether it’s organizing a family road trip or planning a quick trek to Sam’s Club, some moms are skilled in the art of tackling all challenges without breaking a sweat. The GMC Acadia boasts similar credentials. This large crossover delivers a smooth ride that makes it an agreeable companion both around town and on long road trips. It seats up to eight passengers and features a massive cargo area tailor-made for Ikea excursions.

5. Kia Optima
The Kia Optima brings something to the table that many family sedans don’t have: genuine sex appeal. Its assertive sheet metal turns heads, and makes it a great choice for moms who like being in the spotlight. But there’s more to this car than its bold good looks. With brisk acceleration, it’s a pleasure to drive. It offers lots of high-end amenities (such as a panoramic sunroof and ventilated front seats) that aren’t available on some rivals. When you consider its long list of standard features and modest price tag, it’s clear that this sedan is a smart value.

6. Kia Soul
The words that best describe the Soul are youthful and spunky, and as such, it’s well-suited for a youthful, spunky sort of mom. Angular lines give its sheet metal a look that’s a refreshing contrast to the rounded curves that dominate today’s automotive landscape. Its cabin is spacious, and it comes with standard features that include satellite radio and Bluetooth connectivity. Available for less than $15,000, the Soul’s price tag may be low, but it never feels cheap.

7. Porsche Cayenne
Porsche’s Cayenne is what well-heeled 911 drivers move on to when faced with the responsibilities of parenthood. It offers the spectacular driving dynamics you would expect from a Porsche, along with no-holds-barred luxury that makes its spectacularly decked-out cabin a feast for all the senses. If you’re the sort of mom who wants a vehicle that makes it clear you can afford the very best, the superlative Cayenne is the pick for you.

8. Subaru Outback
For moms who frequently like to escape the hustle and bustle of city life for more rustic pursuits, the Subaru Outback is a must-have. Measuring in at a towering 8.7 inches, ground clearance is ample. Combine this with standard all-wheel drive and it’s clear that the Outback is purpose-built for off-road adventures, whether on sand or snow. Another plus is its cavernous cargo hold, which is spacious enough to accommodate the accoutrements of an outdoorsy lifestyle.

9. Toyota Prius V
The Prius V is a great fit for hypermiling moms who like the idea of saving gas while doing their bit for the environment. The V’s hybrid powertrain helps it manage a stellar 44 city/40 highway and 42 combined mpg, making it a top pick in its class for fuel economy. Its backseat slides fore and aft to allow palatial rear legroom, and cargo capacity in this wagon is generous enough to rival that of a small crossover SUV.

10. Volvo XC60
All moms value safety, but for the mom who’s more safety-conscious than most, there’s the Volvo XC60. It earned a perfect five stars in government crash tests, and offers a seemingly endless list of safety features. Included are Volvo’s low-speed collision avoidance system, pedestrian detection and a driver-attention monitor that issues a warning if the driver appears to be drowsy at the wheel.


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