Breakfast, Bags, & MOPPETS

Our MOPS breakfast this morning was a big hit!  Not only did people enjoy the breakfast, we were able to raise $387.50 to donate to the Harrington House!  One woman even wrote a $50 check.  🙂

Special thanks to those moms who donated their time today (and after Saturday’s mass) to speak, cook, socialize, serve, etc. for this event!  It was a success & was a lot of fun to have a time to catch up with MOPS mom’s outside of our regular meetings.  And one last thank you goes out to Denisse & Kari for undertaking this major event & pulling it off in stellar fashion.  You guys are amazing!!  We were asked to “do this more often” by one parishioner that attended the breakfast.

The event was not only a success for Harrington House, but it was a success as far as getting MOPS’ name out there to the parish.  We got ourselves 2 new MOPPET caregivers, 2 sub caregivers, & 1 that is mulling over the possibility of being  a MOPPETS caregiver!!  We also spoke to a few mom’s that may join our group next year.

Heroes of the Day!
Heroes of the Day!

The other thing that began today was the Activity bags in the Cry Room!  They were a hit (at least with my kids!).  Thanks goes out to Kari (great idea!!), Sandy, Stephanie, Katie & Mary for taking on this project.  The bags are great & are sure to become a staple at MQP for the kids!

Bags on the wall in the cry room
Bags on the wall in the cry room
busy with the new activity bags
busy with the new activity bags

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