MNO & MOPS this week

We’ve got a busy week this week! First, there will be an MNO tonight. If you’ve yet to RSVP, it isn’t too late. Check out the calendar tab above to see the evite.

Then we have our regular meeting on Thursday. THis week, we have 2 speakers. The first is on will (estate) planning. And if it seems too early to be plotting out your will, think again. What would happen to your assets & your children if the unthinkable happened? Heather Kolbly will tell us what we need to know to plan for the future.

Next, Austin Heady will be speaking with us about college savings for our little ones. Again, never too early to think about this! Austin is sure to discuss the merits and drawbacks of the Washington GET program and other 529 college savings plans.

See you Thursday if not tonight!


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