New Tables this Week

We will have new table assignments this week at MOPS. You should have received an email from your table leader but just in case you can’t remember here are our new tables. See you Thursday!

Maggie’s Table             
Katie Heady
Stephanie Sizemore
Sarah Dorn
Julie Parker
Paula Metzger
Denisse Lunoff

Iris’s Table
Sandy Rossetti
Tammy Healey
Rachel Reno

Heather’s Table
Diane Ptacin
Katie Roy
Rebecca Krum
Kim Gonzalez
Lindsay Meyer
Beth Stamm

Antonija’s Table
Eunha Choi
Robin Swenson
Amy Myhre
Marisa Sapineza
Denise Buonerba
Kari Feistner

Anna’s Table
Chrisite malchow
Deana Rudolph
Monica Condino
Anne Blackburn
Sarah Phelps
Jill Loveland
Karen Lisook


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