MQP Nursery Volunteers Needed!

Attention Parents… MQP Nursery Volunteers Needed!

When: Sundays 9AM and 11:30AM Masses starting October 2012
Where: MQP Nursery Room (downstairs)
Do you or someone you know want to serve some volunteer hours at our parish?  The MQP Nursery could use your help!  We are looking for 1-2 adults to volunteer in the nursery during the 9AM and 11:30AM masses every Sunday starting in October.  You would just have to show up ten minutes prior to mass and stay ten minutes after so parents attending mass can drop off/pick up their child/ren (ages 0-3).  
The nursery room can only be open if there are enough volunteers each week to supervise your fellow parishioner’s children.  We would love your support by volunteering at least once a month or as often as you can in your busy schedule.  Please contact us so we can put your name and/or spouse’s name in the rotation schedule.
Feel free to tell your friends that we need help staffing the nursery during mass so that the young children can play while the older children and adults can enjoy and hear mass.
For questions about volunteering and to sign up for your mass time preference (9AM or 11:30AM), please contact Wendy Blank ( or Michelle Champley (

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